Social Login Management with Bitwarden

Or how to remember what social login I used on websites for "sign in"

Managing social logins efficiently is crucial in today's digital world. But you can simplify this process using Bitwarden or any other password manager like 1password.

  • Create a dedicated login item for each website with your chosen social login method (e.g., "Login with Google" or "Login with Facebook").

  • Use custom fields to store extra details, like associated email addresses.

Thats it! Try Bitwadren today: Best part - it is free to use!

Another tip: to protect your privacy, increase the security of your main email account, and prevent spam or any unwanted email you can also generate an email alias with an app I built for myself: (available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Raycast, Google Android, and Apple Shortcut). In case of email leaks, you have the option to switch to a new email alias and deactivate forwarding for the previous one.